Michelin Pilot Alpin P225/45R17 91H Winter Tires USED

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Michelin Pilot Alpin P225/45R17 91H Winter Tires USED
2 In Stock, Sold as a Pair only!
Prices are PER Tire.
Tires are showing 8.5/32″ to 9/32″  Tread Depth in center of tread and evenly across tire.

These tires were a customer Trade I did and he said they were used on a BMW for a few seasons.
I’ve inspected the tires and they show NO Damage, NO Patches or plugs, and look excellent in every way. I will stand behind these IF there is any problems after purchase once they have been mounted. This includes leaks, pinholes, etc that would make the tire unusable.*This does not cover mileage warranty or any Factory covered issues*
Tires look Great in every way, Check out the pictures close!

*These are Older Tires but obviously haven’t been used much and have been properly stored away from sunlight. There is no cracking or issues from age that are visible. They are being offered at a very low price for this reason.

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