June 2019 Price Reductions & Tire Aging

As of today June 11th, 2019 I’ve seriously reduced prices on all 18″ and 19″ Performance tires that are in stock. They have become stale inventory and need to go. I’ve always made sure to keep my high value inventory stored in as ideal as possible conditions away from Sunlight and pretty much any light and sources of direct heat. The tires have been stored at temps from 44F to 80F at most but kept in a dark building. I know some of you may have issues with tire aging. I have not. I’m confidently running some very old stock tires from 1999-2004 on some of my own vehicles that never sold and have proven that if properly stored these quality brand tires can perform with absolutely no issues.

That should speak volumes of the quality of a good brand name tire. I don’t expect anyone to run that old of a tire but also know that a 10 year old tire, as much as 15 year old can still be safely run as long as said tire has not been in service that whole time and was properly stored until being put in service.

Those are my thoughts on the subject based on my personal and direct experience with the exact products that I’ve been selling since 2002.

Should you have any issues with any tires you purchase from me that are directly attributable to aging then I will replace of refund at my choice so that you are not wasting your money by purchasing an older stock tire that I’ve offered for sale. I also have DOT dates posted for items clearly showing what I’m offering and pictures are of the EXACT tire as well. Not stock photos.

If you’re willing to take a chance on purchasing some of the Clearance priced tires I have for sale then you should have a “Piece of Mind” about your purchase.

Thank you!