Late April 2016 Updates

Just touching base with all of you out there who are customers or Potential customers.

I always ask that first and foremost you take a few minutes to read over my “FAQ” Frequently Asked Questions page to answer any questions you may have first. Details of my business and such are important to know since I’m different than many tire businesses.

Just took in 70 “Snow/Winter” tires I picked up from dealers who clearanced them out. I’m offering them at very good prices and they can be used for those looking for entry level priced tires that are still American and not off-brand, no name foreign tires. Great price and name brand quality!

All of my In-Stock Inventory is up on the website, keep in mind there are search features on the left side panels where you can search by wheel diameter in each tire category or just search by size directly. When searching by size, be patient as it takes a second after you enter each part of the size to “catch up”

Looking forward to your business and saving you money on Quality Name Brand Tires!