What makes Campbell Performance Tire Special

Hello to my many new fans as of recent. Just want to let you all know that as a self employed business owner and a one man operation I’m not like many other Tire places you’d normally shop from. I try to hold myself to a higher standard by only selling Top Name Brand tires, Tires I know that will serve you well and not cause you heartache. Although I do offer great prices, I may not always be the lowest price! Part of the reason for that is because as a one man operation I don’t move the volume that the normal tire places move, which means I buy at higher costs than those places, but I have a much lower overhead and I also don’t have the greed which translates into higher markups on the retail end. I also choose to not sell Chinese made tires, and many Korean brands as well. I try to stick to American made products that are held to a higher standard of quality so you won’t have problems and hassles related to the “Cheaper” tires.

I promise to give you my customers and potential customers the best possible prices and a level of service unmatched by the “other places” for example coming to your house, place of work, or wherever you are to pick up your car, take it to install the tires and return it with those new tires for NO EXTRA CHARGE! One on one with my customers every time.