Phone Calls Fall 2019

Customers & Potential Customers. Please be aware that due to the absolutely CRAZY amount of SPAM & Robo Calls that I receive on a daily basis that I’ve had to resort to basically “screening” calls.

So if you receive my voice mail, PLEASE Leave a message and I will call you back at the soonest possible chance that I can.

Business hours are still 9am-7pm Central time. I am still a one man operation so keep in mind that if I’m installing tires when you call, it may take up to an hour for me to call you back if I’ve just started on a set of 4. I also work out of a mobile truck during warmer months of the year that has a loud generator, So during those times I also can’t answer.

Finally, if you see tires or products on my website, they ARE in Stock. I don’t waste time trying to sell products I don’t have. I also dropped a ton of prices today, Sept 26th to try and help move some stale inventory that needs to go!!