MTX iThunder iPod Boom Box NEW

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MTX iThunder
iPod Boom Box
For Older Generation iPod

New In Box
The iThunder can operate off batteries or with the included A/C adapter. It is truly a portable boombox with great sound.

Portable boombox stereo system with built-in iPod dock

Dock connector is compatible with any iPod to play music through and charge at the same

Full function, wireless remote allows access to many of the functions of your iPod

bullet Can be run on 8 C Batteries so it truly is portable to take to the beach or pool
bullet Pop-handle makes it easy to carry
bullet Color: Black
bullet Note: The iThunder works with all iPods except for the shuffle. It will dock your iPod for playback, controls and charging. If you have a new 4th generation Nano (the rounded one), a 2nd Generation iTouch or newer, or an iPhone 3G,you will also need to purchase the Scosche PassPORT charging adapter as Apple recently changed the voltage input on their iPod input.