Firestone Affinity Touring P225/50R17 93T

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Firestone Affinity Touring P225/50R17 93T
100% Tread Remaining
Set of Perfect Condition Take-off Tires
70,000 mile rated all-season tire offering Excellent traction year-around.
This is a nearly identical tire to the Firestone Precision Touring.
The Affinity line is made for sale through Firestone Company Stores and the Precision Touring is offered through Affiliate dealers. The Tread design has a slight difference but is the same tire in all other ways.
Save by Shopping Small Business here! I appreciate every sale I get. If you have any questions after reading my FAQ Page then please contact me.
Sold in Pairs (2) or sets of 4 only.
Prices are PER Tire!
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