Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) Page

Why Should I read your FAQ page?

Simply put, I’m a one man business. I only have one phone line and no other employees to take calls. Therefore, it can be easy to get overloaded and behind with calls. In order to screen out calls from people looking for tires that I do not have to sell and to answer most common questions from what my tread depth %’s mean to what I have in stock. I ask that you please read this page.
Please know my quantities are very limited!!

I have 100% of my In Stock inventory up on the website.
Therefore as further stated below, If you didn’t see it on the website, Then I don’t have it. If you’re not sure where to look, then please go to my HOME PAGE and find the wheel size/category that suits your tire needs. I have my inventory here divided up by size and category that should make it easy to find what you want.

They are categorized by Wheel Size/Diameter and Performance or Truck/SUV application. Click on the link for the category of tire that you need to see what you are searching for. Car tires are separated from Truck/SUV Tires on most all pages except the Single Tire Page and the Basic Auto Page, where some SUV& Truck tires can be found. If you can’t find what you desire, then I more than likely don’t have it. (See next segment below)

I only specialize in a few major brands which are Bridgestone, Firestone, Goodyear.

If you seek BF Goodrich, Kuhmo, General, Continental, Hankook, Pirelli, Yokohama, Michelin, Uniroyal, etc. Then I can’t help you, unless I special order them. I do not stock those brands unless I’m doing Consignment for other dealers. I only do Special Orders for LOCAL area customers! See further down for Special Order information….

When calling by phone….

Due to the EXTREME amount of Spam & Solicitor Calls that I receive on a daily basis, If you’re calling me from a number that is not local to me (815/779 area codes) I may not answer and you may get my voice mail. I ask that you PLEASE leave a message with your contact phone number and name and which tires or items you’re inquiring about from my website!
I’m very sorry to have to do this but I get approximately 15 calls a day that aren’t real customers, Mostly Spammers & Solicitors. I end up wasting more and more time every day trying to answer these calls which requires stopping work… Again, I’m only a one man operation.
Thank you for your patience, I’m sure many of you have the same issues.
The Do Not Call List hasn’t helped a bit, I’ve been registered since 2004 on it.

How do I order tires or other items off your website?

Please call me. I choose not have an automated system where you can order online. I prefer to take your order directly over the phone and talk with my customers one on one. (815) 632-7175 is the number and please call during business hours. If you get my voice mail, please leave your name & Number. Occasionally when I miss a call I may be in a bad reception area and your number won’t show up as a “Missed Call”. So, if leaving a message please leave a phone number if you want a return call. I only have one line and it’s amazing how often I get phone calls in pairs. Again, I can only take one call at a time. I will reply!

Website Pricing questions?

All Prices are PER Tire and Non-Negotiable. Sale Prices can change at any time. I do my best to stay below the Major internet retailers such as Tire Rack. As a potential customer I want you to know that as a one man operation who does an incremental volume in tire sales compared to the “Big Guys” this is EXTREMELY Hard to do! Therefore I appreciate anyone who realizes this fact and is willing to Shop Small business such as Mine. Every Sale Counts to me!

What Are your business hours and/or when can I call?

I’m normally open from 9am-7pm. That’s CENTRAL Time! So keep that in mind please when calling. Normal business days are Monday-Friday. I will answer the phone on weekends, but that is only during normal 9am-5pm Weekend hours and if I’m not busy as I do need a normal life outside of work as well. I will try and answer your questions whenever possible though. I can do weekend installations for local customers, if you make an appointment ahead of time. I will work on the occasional Saturday or Sunday if we set up something ahead of time. In some Emergency cases if I’m available I’ll also make an exception.

Other Communication options?

I can reply to text messaging if you have questions as well. 815-632-7175
Or you can E-mail at the address below, but this is not checked daily during my busy times and is often the slowest way to get an answer!

Local Install questions?

I can install your tires myself at either Marshang Automotive in Sterling at 2530 E. Lincolnway or at my home location at 29909 Penrose Road north of Sterling. I install by appointment only so please call first.

I charge $17.50 per wheel/tire when you purchase tires from me.
If you bring in tires purchased elsewhere the charge is $25 per wheel/tire.
That includes Mounting, Balancing, New Valve Stems (Except for Tire Pressure Sensor stems) and the Scrap Tire Disposal of your old tires. So, on a pair of tires $35 is the charge to change tires and on a set of 4 it would be $70. That’s the average price for my local area. I can do from 13″ to 25″ wheels and up to a 33″ tall tire at this time. Otherwise I have a few other local shops that will gladly install tires purchased from me for the cost:

  • Bill Hall’s Repair In Franklin Grove, IL
  • AJ’s in Rochelle, IL
  • PARCO Auto Repair in Polo, IL
  • Gerdes Motor Sales in Amboy, IL (Website)

Any of these businesses should be contacted in advance to schedule the tire install, I can deliver the tires directly to them in advance of the work to save you time and hauling tires in your vehicle.

Special Orders for tires not in stock?

I can Special Order tires brand new for Local Customers only (If you are close enough to come pick them up/have them installed). I require 50% down at time of order on any tires Special Ordered.
Adding shipping to non-local Special Order new tires takes away any chance of me being cheaper than your local dealers.
I am just a one man business and I don’t have the buying power or volume to get great wholesale prices. I operate on very small profit margins for new tires to remain competitive.
I have to buy through Tire Wholesalers, not direct from the manufacturer like many Major Tire company stores. That means I pay more for new tires and make less on them.

What Brands Do You Carry and why does it say “Major Brand” in the descriptions?

My primary brands that I focus on carrying are Bridgestone & Firestone. Although I’m not an official dealer for them, nor even an associate or affiliated dealer in their system, I prefer to sell their brands due to my experience with them. The EXACT tires I have for sale are pictured and most times the picture clearly shows the brand of tire I’m offering. I feel that those companies I carry primarily make some excellent quality products and that’s based on my own demanding personal experience with their tires I’ve used and my previous customer feedback.

Do you sell USED tires?

Many local people call looking for cheap used tires, meaning really used but enough to get me by for a while till new ones are affordable. I carry a small selection of used and those are regularly posted on Campbell Performance Tire’s Facebook page, or you can call and I’ll tell you if I have any. Please know your tire size when calling.

How much do you charge to ship tires?

Call me or e-mail me with your zip code and Residence or business info and I can get you a quote for exact shipping costs. I prefer to deal one on one with my customers! I charge exactly what FedEx Charges me with no mark up on shipping. Being a one man business I do not get the large volume discount on shipping like the big name retailers online. I’m located in NW Illinois, so the farther away you are the more it can cost. Shipping past the Rocky mountains to the Pacific coast states can be somewhat pricey. Also the size and weight of the tires you are looking for make a big difference on the shipping price. NON Flat Rate Higher shipping costs applies especially to TRUCK TIRES. They are bigger in size and much heavier. They often cost more to ship than what you will Save!

No matter, I ship at whatever my cost is. There is no markup on shipping to you.

Where will Campbell Performance Tire ship to?

Anywhere really, But the costs to ship tires outside of the USA can be very high with Customs and duties fees added. The Customer is required to pay any fees, duties, or customs brokerage charges. If you are in Canada and interested in ordering tires then give me a call and I can discuss a possible option to help with closing a sale and avoiding some shipping hassles. Especially if you are within a close distance to the US Border.

Who do you use to ship tires?

I use FedEx Ground & FedEx Home Delivery exclusively. On some rare occasions I’ve used the US Postal Service for bigger and heavier tires that were too expensive to ship using FedEx and also for APO & FPO Military shipments. I’ve recently added as of Feb 2020 a new regional carrier that serves the Midwest specifically. Spee-Dee Delivery who offers much better prices than FedEx. They are limited to the following area though:

Do you offer a Tire Warranty?

I do warranty them all just the same as NEW tires would be warranted. This covers Workmanship and Materials Defects which are covered on new tires. Broken Belts are covered as well under this warranty. Any further warranty such as Road Hazard is not offered by me. Any other dealer charges you extra for that coverage anyway.

How do you warranty tires?

Simply call me with the problem you are having, If needed I’ll have you e-mail pictures of the tire showing the issue and from there I can make a decision on a further course of action. I DO offer the same warranty that The Manufacturer offers on the tires when sold new.Do you offer Road Hazard Protection? No, I’m only a one man operation and can not afford to offer that protection. Most other businesses charge you extra for that anyway. From Local Dealers to Large Internet Retailers, you are paying extra for that service. I will offer to sell you a replacement at my cost. I’m not out to make money on your misfortune!

How long have you been in business and why did you start?

I started in October 2002 making this a full time job for myself. I wanted to offer any potential customers a new choice to offer Big Name Tire Brands at Lower Prices than most other tire businesses. Keep in mind that I am a one Man operation. I do not have the large volume buying of the “Big Guys”. I save you money because I’m not about making big profit on every sale. I keep my overhead low and do not have huge profit margins.

Like many people I choose to become self employed in a small business. I wanted to do what I liked and not have to work for someone else. I worked 9 years in the printing industry and wanted a change. Factory work isn’t for everyone! Having bought a few “toys” to drive during those years I wanted to be able to keep them maintained and still use “Top Name Brand” Tires. I started out selling tires to friends back in 1992 as a “Side deal” to save my friends from the high prices the local shops were charging. In April 2000 I found a supplier who dealt in slightly used tires who offered to sell to me at near “Wholesale” prices. From that point I realized I could make a business out of selling these “Slightly used” takeoff and “test” tires.

I bought my first set of Bridgestone Tires in 1994 shortly after purchasing an ’89 Thunderbird SC in late January. Here in Illinois the weather at that time of the year made the simple act of leaving my driveway almost impossible. I thought I’d just wasted a lot of money on a car I couldn’t even use during the winter!

So, I ordered a set of Bridgestone Blizzak’s. The WS-15 model of their snow tire line made all the difference in the world! They made the car drivable in all winter situations! I was sold on that brand instantly and from then on I would come to use Bridgestone on all of my vehicles when the time came to replace tires.

I was impressed enough to use them on my vehicles and decided to offer them to anyone that would listen or go for a ride. Now I sell them primarily along with Firestone and their subsidiary brands.

What does 99% Tread Depth and various tread depth numbers mean?

Many of the tires I have for sale are so close to new you can barely tell the difference. Some have been mounted on a wheel for display or test fit purposes. Those normally are graded as 100% Tread Depth Remaining. Others may have been driven on for very short distances but were removed within a few miles. Those are often graded at 99%. At 99% the paint stripes have been worn off from when the tire was Brand New but the nipples from the molding of the tire are still fully visible and the tire shows no visible wear. These are often take-off tires from new vehicles or from customers who wanted to switch brands or models of tires. Rarely do they have many miles on them. They are legally used but so close to new you can barely tell a difference…
Other than the LOWER PRICE!

When a tire is listed at 98% then there is maybe close to 100 miles on the tire. The nipples are still visible but they have started to wear off.

At 97% the nipples are nearly worn off the tire but still barely visible. The tire is still showing the full amount of tread depth as when it was manufactured.

At 95-96% the nipples are totally worn off the tire. The tire may show minimal wear at most and may have been used for around 300-400 miles.

This is the system I use to grade and describe the amount of use any of the tires I have for sale may have seen. Keep in mind that I do warranty them all same as NEW tires would be warranted. This covers Workmanship and Materials Defects which are covered on new tires. See Warranty box on this page above for details.

Why should you buy your tires from me instead of buying “Brand New”?

My best analogy would be to compare to buying a slightly used new car. The first purchaser took the hit on depreciation and you reap the savings. The same applies with tires I sell. They may have been used a bit but they are still extremely close to new. Most still show the “nipples” from when the tires were molded. You can’t get any closer to new but yet you still save around 20% on average. Sometimes quite a bit more! And to top it off you are still getting that Top Name Brand and not some cheaply made off brand. Another example, you get a $200 tire from me that you’re only paying $160 for. Whereas buying elsewhere you’re getting a $160 tire that’s been marked up $40 to $200. Which would you rather have? The $200 top of the line tire or the middle of the road $160 tire. The only difference is the $200 tire is missing the “new” label and it may have a few hundred miles tops on it.

YOU SAVE in the long run!

Do you sell single tires?

I only sell quantities of one when I have only singles in stock. Please check quantities on tires you’re interested in. In some instances if I have an odd number like 3 or 5 I may sell a single, call me on those. Otherwise if a tire is discontinued I will not break a matched pair or set to sell one.

Local install questions?

I work out of two shops locally where I can install your tires in person. First is Marshang Automotive at 2530 E. Lincolnway in Sterling (Year Round) Second, I have a mobile Shop/install truck where I can come to your location (for an extra charge) and install the tires on your wheels. I currently have it operational (Seasonally) Pictured below. As of September 2014 this mobile unit has been upgraded to a Newer and more Modern Coats Tire changer and Tire Balancer. Again, my only limitations are cold weather for using the Mobile unit and installing from my home when not going mobile.

Tire Installation Equipment

Tire Installation EquipmentCPT Mobile Truck 2014 50 CPT Mobile Truck 2014 51 CPT Mobile Truck 2014 52

I also use the mobile truck at my home location for installs. I can only operate it during temperatures consistently above 40F. The air compressor will not work below that temperature and air lines freeze up as well in below freezing temps. You MUST call me first to set up a time to install your tires, as I can’t be in two places at once. I’m a home based business but do have multiple locations to install your tires in the area. I’m only at either local shop if I have a planned appointment with a customer. (Marshang Automotive in Sterling or my Home Business Location North of Sterling)  I can come pick up your car from home or work and install the tires at one of my locations and bring it back to you. This saves you TIME & MONEY!

None of my competition will do this for no extra charge! So, simply call me first!

Can you keep your old tires?

If you choose to keep them for other uses you may. I just try to be environmentally conscious and don’t want people using them to burn, nor do I want them being improperly disposed of. It costs my business $2.50 per tire to pay to have them properly disposed of by an Illinois E.P.A. authorized company. I will subtract that from the install charge in cases where you choose to keep your old tires.

About my Delivery Schedule for local to 100 mile radius?

I try to keep to it in order to work around local sales, BUT, It is not set in stone. I will deliver tires to you within a reasonable distance but it needs to be worth it with fuel costing so much. If you only need one tire or are looking at spending under $350 then I won’t go more than 20 miles from my home base location in Sterling, IL. For trips an hour or more away, the sale needs to total over $350.

For Example. Delivering tires into Chicago takes me 4 hour round trip and $40-50 in fuel and $15 in tolls, So the sale needs to be worth it for me to deliver in person. I Still can have tires shipped via FedEx, That is always an option! I accept CASH ONLY for tire sales in person where I must deliver. The only exception being businesses that I have previously done business with and have an account set up with.

I can also set up a “halfway” meeting point if that helps for people who are around 100 miles away to 150 miles. Call me for details and if time allows I’ll do my best to get the tires to you.

If you have any further questions that have not been answered here then please feel free to call me at the number on the van!

Campbell Performance Tire 815-632-7175